Gift Card and Loyalty Card Programs


Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs are no longer exclusive to big box retailers. Enjoy the advantages of providing your customers gift cards branded with your company name and logo. Beyond Transparent's Gift Card and Loyalty Programs help generate sales through customer acquisition and retention at an affordable rate.

Ordering is easy!
  1. Select from many template card designs or provide custom artwork for your gift cards.

  2. Purchase cards or a Package Deal*

  3. Buy additional accessories such as card carriers or point of sale display materials to add a personal touch.


*Packages include cards, presenters, marketing kit and shipping.

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About Our Company

Beyond Transparent (BT) provides high-quality and competitively priced technical solutions for retailers. With over 30 years of retail and distribution experience in the Merchant Processing and ATM industries, Beyond Transparent is led by innovators with expertise in the business and technical aspects of payment processing solutions. 

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"The people at Beyond Transparent are uniquely knowledgeable, supportive, responsive and caring men and women with whom I have the privilege to work!"


~ Isaac Mashian